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Strong financial base

·         Despite the impact on sales in certain markets due to the global COVID-19 pandemic the Group recorded revenue growth of 2% to US$40.9m (2019: US$40.0m)

·          A 19% increase in profit before tax to US$4.1m (2019: US$3.5m) helped by the increasing scale of the Group and lower expenditure associated with reduced travel and marketing costs

·          Earnings per share increased by 17% to 3.83 US cents (2019: 3.27 US cents)

·          Net cash increased 23% to US$9.4m at 31 December 2020 (31 December 2019: US$7.7m)

·          Increased final dividend by 25% to 2.5 US cents per share (2019: 2.0 US cents)

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